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A family affair…

The Domaine de la Valériane is placed before any profession or a family affair.

Mesmin and Maryse, the grandson and the granddaughter of winegrowers in Domazan, have expanded the family business in 1968 with the acquisition of a property that had been rented so far. In 1982, they upgraded the winery and started to develop the wine bottle sale by creating the Domaine de la Valériane. It derives its name from their daughter, Valérie.

Valérie, being an oenologist consultant in a laboratory in Châteauneuf du Pape for several years, gained ample knowledge and experience in this field. At present, she is entirely dedicated to the family business that was taken over by her along with her husband, Michel Collomb in 2004.
Michel himself is a wine grower, fascinated by the wine farming since his youth. Over the years, he acquired parcels of wine in the town of Rocheford du Gard and also in Domazan. He created his own Domaine of 12 hectares: Domaine du Clos d’Alzan, which wine production is also matured in the winestorehouse of the Domaine de la Valériane in Domazan.

For the past few years, he diversified his business by planting olive trees and producing olive oil, which is sold at the Domaine de la Valériane.


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