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An exceptional land…

Our vineyard dwells on an area of 40 hectares on a clay-limestone land outlined on the hillside covered up with rolled pebbles. This soil type has a common origin to that of Châteauneuf du Pape, it consists of a large proportion of quartz pebbles rolled from the Alps by the Rhône and mixed with red clay. These precious rolled pebbles enable to restore heat and thus promote maturity and concentration.

This exceptional land was linked to the brand/label Côtes du Rhône Villages communales in 2005: SIGNARGUES, town of four villages: Domazan, Estézargues, Saze, Rochefort du Gard.

The originality of our Domaine lies in the presence of some parcels scattered in different areas of the territory. Thus, the variations of the soil and the micro-climate inside the property combined with the different grape varieties give us the opportunity to produce a large range of wine.

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